Friday, July 01, 2005


I just cycled from home to work along the Bristol to Bath Railway Path and then along the Avon Cycleway into Bath, and then walked up Widcombe Hill (very steep). About 8 miles, I think. The actual cycling was fine, it was walking up the hill that finished me off! It was very nice cycling, the birds were singing and there was a cool breeze and nice views across the countryside - the only problem was getting saddle-sore, as it's a long time since I've cycled any distance. Thank goodness there's a shower at work.

On Wednesday I swam 12 lengths of the 50m pool - so that's 600m. My arms were tired from that, and now I've made my legs tired cycling - but it'll be worth it if I can lose some more weight and get fitter. Yesterday went for a walk at lunchtime - a mere bagatelle compared with all the other exercise I've been doing, even if it did rain heavily.

Just checked the refusal to register for an ID card pledge site: 7213 people have signed up, 2787 more needed - pretty good considering the deadline to get to 10,000 signatures is 9th October 2005, and it was only started in June.

Oh, and my resolve not to eat squid after reading City of Pearl lasted about two seconds in the face of some serious temptation - namely being offered some as hors d'oeuvres last night. Along with delicious olives, salad, smoked salmon and other yummy things...

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