Saturday, April 11, 2015

München 2015

München diary

Tuesday 7 April

Arrived in München airport about 5 and got the S-Bahn to Marienplatz. Saw the Altes Rathaus and the square, then walked to the Hotel Lux. Nice man carried our bags upstairs. Charming classical whimsy decor on the stairwell, and a lovely curving staircase.

We went to a proper Bavarian pub, Augustiner am Platzl. I had a Dunkles beer with my meal, my favourite type that you cannot get in the UK. We sat at a table with a nice family from Franconia. They are on their way back from the Tyrol and stopped in München for one night.

Then walked round the block and looked at the shops and buildings in the dark. I like seeing a city by night. Noticed a regretful plaque about the dance hall used by the Nazis to plot the Holocaust. Good that the history is not being swept under the carpet.

Wednesday 8 April

 I slept like a log apart from some loud clubbers going past in the wee small hours.

After breakfast, we went to a couple of souvenir shops, past the Hofbrauhaus, then went to the Viktualienmarkt, where we saw an enormous maypole, and lots of lovely local produce.

Then we headed back up to Marienplatz, saw the Frauenkirche - very peaceful Gothic interior - and came back to Marienplatz in time to hear the glockenspiel clock doing its chimes and to see the little figures on it dance around. 

Then we walked to the Theatinerkirche, which had a mad baroque interior, very over the top. We had lunch in a lovely café on Schäfflerstraße. My mum had tomato and mango soup, with fresh apple and kiwi juice. I had a Toscana salad, with green leaves and mozzarella balls.  

Then past the Residenz, along Maximilienstraße, past the government building, and down to the river Isar. 

Walked along on the islands in the middle of the river, then sat down on the river bank opposite the weir.

 We saw the Volksbad, a lovely Art Nouveau swimming baths.

Then we walked back to the hotel via the Isartor (the river gate of the city), a barbican style gate. 

Found a lovely supermarket (Rewe) and bought mint tea there. 

Thursday 9 April

Breakfast was yoghurt and fruit.

Went to the Hofgarten and saw the Temple of Diana.

Went to the Englischer Garten. We saw a black squirrel and a red squirrel, and heard lots of woodpeckers, and a nuthatch, and a chiffchaff. Also saw some corydalis scouleri, a toothwort orchid, and some wild tulips (Tulipa sylvestris).

Had coffee at the Chinesische Turm.

There was a lake with geese - white one with black stripes on their heads that said "Meep!", and some pink-footed ones. 

There was a lovely view over München from the Monopteros.

I went to the Jewish cultural centre, but it was 10 € to go in the museum, so I didn't. Bought a postcard and a bookmark in the shop. They had loads of klezmer, and mezuzahs, and dreidel, and haggadahs, and menorahs. The synagogue was very modern.
The original München synagogue was destroyed by the Nazis. The new one was built 68 years later.

Walked via the Sendlinger Tor and a small park in Nußbaumstrasse to the Theresienwiese, as there was meant to be a flea market there, but there wasn't. There was a circus, and the "meadow" was very bare. 

 Then I was so hot and bothered that I had a dunkles beer in an Italian restaurant on Mozartstrasse. Then walked to the Asamkirche, which was totally amazing - a baroque extravaganza. Ye Olde Church of Bling. 

Found some nice gifts for two friends in a shop called Schmuckrausch on Sendlingstrasse, and some earrings for me.

Went to Opatija im Tal for dinner and had cici-salad, which was like a Serbian version of shish kebab with salad. My mum had turkey in cream sauce with spätzle.

Friday 10 April

Breakfast was yoghurt and fruit, then we walked to the Asamkirche along Sendlingerstrasse. It was closed until one pm for cleaning, but I asked the nun who was cleaning it if we could go in, as my mum had not seen it, and 1pm would be too late. She let us go in, which was very kind. Bought some salad from shops on the main street to the Isartor. Had a bit of a sit down near some bits of the old town wall by the Isartor.

Picked up the bags from the hotel, then watched the glockenspiel clock in Marienplatz again before catching the train to the airport. Ate our salad and sandwich under some espalier'd trees. Looked at the shops in Terminal One before going through the customs gate.