Friday, March 13, 2009

An Adventure

I took the car to the garage today and went to get the bus (there's only one bus an hour freom our rural fastness) which I managed to miss. So I decided (with some trepidation) to hitch into Bath, where I work.

Dozens of cars streamed past, and I was just about despairing of anyone picking me up, when a lady stopped. She very kindly dropped me at work, which was out of her way. She is a ceramicist and property developer, and very pleasant, so we decided to keep in touch (she has only recently moved to Bristol). If this does turn into a friendship it will have been the most bizarre and random way to start one!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

A lamente for the schnoz

Whan thatte the Sonne hadde hys course yronne
Acrosse þe Fens to Trumpingtoun
He passed þe windowe of þe Bo
And mayde hys schnoz to glowe.
Full sore the schnoz did pele and pine
For cooler daies of yore, whan eke the windes did whine
And chauntë solemne canticles about þe college
Impartyng esoterick knowledge
Unto yonge studients, that sluggardlie to classen goe
Under þe tutelage of Bo.