Wednesday, February 11, 2009

weird words

A selection of amusing words that have come up in the new Blogger word verification:

  • Pologami - playing in multiple polo teams without the others knowlege 
  • gemastry - the ancient oriental martial art of combat using only precious stones
  • paphtess - descriptive of a small Greek village which has lost its only seller of Ouzo.

The Silver Eel
  • hasmshno - to refuse a third doobie.
  • genesco - a little-known painter of the Italian Renaissance?
  • thethlys - a flower that grows by the River Lethe, whose fumes induce forgetfulness
  • rerbach - a small boy who gathers up lost things at eisteddfods (from rerum, things, + bach, little). [Brithenig]
  • ty lazos - a house of lepers. [Brithenig]
  • Synyanit - small eastern European god of shopping ennui.
  • aftible - an ansible that sends messages back through time 
  • raptism - an initiation into rapper culture
  • wealorme - Anglo-Saxon for a serpent that brings blessing.
  • foddr - a photo-sharing website for cannon-fodder?
  • alpowar - a very large battleship (by extension from man o'war).
  • misher - Yiddish for someone who habitually causes confusion wherever they go.
  • hoaktax - a tax upon hokum, hocus-pocus and hoaxes (otherwise known as "There's one born every minute").
  • appirthy - pithy and apposite
  • anthst - fear of not finishing anthologies.
  • stompew - to misbehave in church.
  • tantred:
    1. an aunt who dresses eccentrically (as in When I am old I shall wear purple/ With a red hat that doesn't go...)
    2. a particularly florid tantrum
    3. past participle of the verb, to tantra.
  • imphros - a small lantern carried by an even smaller hobgoblin to guide faery ships safely into port (the opposite of a will o' the wisp).
  • pronapa - in favour of Californian wine