Friday, July 15, 2005

second-class citizens

The latest manifestation of the higher education obsession with research is the proposed job cuts at Brunel University.

Brunel University is threatening compulsory redundancies after it stated its desire to improve its research standing by making redundant up to 60 academic staff or 'non-research active' lecturers. (AUT)

It's all very well making universities "research led" but someone still has to teach the students - and I was always under the impression that the main purpose of higher education was to teach students. I think it's a terrible shame that teaching staff have been made second class citizens since British universities have become increasingly dominated by research. I appreciate that research is a good thing and informs teaching and everything, but teaching must not become a secondary activity of universities - though I fear this has already happened. Well done to the Brunel staff and local association for resisting the wrongful dismissal of these teaching staff.

There is also an international petition against the erosion of universities' independence.

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