Saturday, July 16, 2005

pottering about

I'm unlikely to get anything useful done today, as the new Harry Potter book has arrived (pre-ordered it from Amazon). It's much more cheery than the previous one (thank goodness for that) and I think I have guessed the identity of the Half-Blood Prince, but I shall not reveal my thoughts on this. Really must tidy the house, but it's too hot. Went into town this morning as the cashpoint ate my card last night, but the bank was shut so couldn't withdraw any money. Most inconvenient thing to happen just before going on holiday.

EDIT (22.44): Finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince now. It was very good, though obviously I cannot reveal any plot. I was wrong about the identity of the Half-Blood Prince, in fact I didn't really guess any of the essential plot details apart from one, and even that I wasn't sure about. Though I had noticed something in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets previously which turned out to be a significant detail in this one.

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