Thursday, April 13, 2006

respect rabbits

A recent post by Synesis on the subject of fluffy bunny Pagans got me thinking. Maybe being a fluffy is just an evolutionary stage, like moaning about fundamentalism, or even moaning about fluffies. One day the caterpillar will disappear into a cocoon, and a fully-fledged Pagan will emerge (a bit like Delenn's transformation in Babylon 5 - not that she was ever fluffy).

Also, the phrase "fluffy bunny" is insulting to rabbits. Not only are rabbits sacred to the Moon (a very non-fluffy concept), but also the mothers absorb their own young when food is scarce - also not very fluffy. And rabbits have claws and very powerful hind-legs and amazing shamanic powers (haven't these people read Watership Down?) OK, so rabbits are also quite cute, but it's all a façade to lull you into a false sense of security. As rabbits are one of my favourite animals, I object to their identification with new-agey fluffies.

See, there's nothing fluffy about this rabbit...


The Silver Eel said...

Unexpectedly interesting. I particularly like "McWiccan" and "Wanna-blessed-be". I'm going to drop them into conversation and see if anyone bites.

Starfisher said...

i shall have a look at the 'rede' now. suffice it to say that your rabbit photo is scary, but shamefully, i do still find him cute. in fact more cute than many small children i know. perhaps a 100% non-cute bunny pic just isn't possible..?

Yvonne said...

I know it is quite cute really isn't it? That was the least cute rabbit that I could find.

Fluffybunny said...

lol just looking for a watership down pic and i came across this. Funny thing is i keep rabbits (i have 7) and i have always said what you have said to people who want a rabbits for their kids " because they are kid friendly" when nothing is farther from the truth.
Saying that im an artist and my username i always go by is "fluffybunny" (though mainly as an insult to my very grumpy rabbit joey who has a habit of turning into a huge fluff ball when mad XD)
Now i have to draw my rabbit self as a not-so-fluffy bunny.
and i think i will also have to include your post cos its great.
(sorry for the huge senceless comment) X3