Tuesday, April 25, 2006

in a dodder light

I've just finished reading Silent People - Hearing the Call of the Dodder by Yvonne Jerrold. It has some really interesting ideas - plants as ancestors, a hidden species of human, what goes on in the minds of shy, silent awkward people, our relationship with nature. Parts of the book are very successful, especially the main character's flashback to her childhood relationship with the mysterious dodder boy. This part of the book was very lyrical and heartfelt. The book was oddly structured, and the bits dealing with mundane life were less successful. At its best, the book is reminiscent of Mythago Wood and its ilk; but other bits could have done with a sympathetic but firm editor. However, the ideas are really interesting, and don't let the fact that it is self-published put you off (it is not the same as vanity publishing apparently). Overall, the wistful tone and the genuinely original ideas make this book well worth a read. I'm still seeing things in a dodder light...

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