Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MA course

The other day I went for an interview for a part-time MA in Contemporary Religions and Spiritualities at Bath Spa University. I got in!!! Yay!!! I am very excited about it.

I plan to study these units:
East meets West: Examining the interaction between 'Eastern' religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism and 'Western' norms and values.
Sex, Gender and Spirituality: Examining the relevance of sex and gender to belief and practice including the women's and men's spirituality movements and issues surrounding homosexuality.
Spiritual Revolution: Examining the rise of New Age and Paganism as well as a variety of New Religious Movements.

It depends on what is available at any particular time, of course, as the whole thing is run on a rolling programme. And you have to do a unit on research methods, but fortunately it's all qualitative. I'm very pleased about that, as I only did quantitative methods for my first degree and I was rubbish at statistics. The dissertation counts as two units (I'll probably do it on Pagan theologies).

It does however mean no reading apart from what's on the course for 2 years (though I shall of course make an exception for SF books for the SF Reading Group). The course tutor is really into SF, so I can see we're going to have some fun (we've already had two in-depth conversations about it, one at the open evening and one at the interview).

Whee!!!! Intellectual stuff! Hurrah.

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