Monday, April 03, 2006


Ostadan's Lore & Letters: Some Thoughts on Ink

I'm so glad to find someone who agrees about the tastelessness of the wedding rings you can get with an adaptation of the "one ring to rule them all..." inscription. I've often thought that these were ghastly; the same goes for the replicas you can get of the ruling ring. If I was to get a particular memento from the Lord of the Rings films it would be one of those lovely ivy-leaf brooches from Lothlórien. I definitely would not want anything that identified me with the Black Land, only that which was associated with the Elves and the good guys.

Any marking such as a wedding ring or tattoo has to be completely personal, otherwise what is the point of having it? If I was going to get myself a tattoo, it would have to be something I wanted to live with for the rest of my life; and as yet I have only come across one thing that I would like as a tattoo, and even there I'm waiting for the right moment and the courage to go through with it. Not to mention a really spiritual tattooist and the money.

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Starfisher said...

I so totally agree! People who get those 'one ring to rule them all' replicas for weddings are alot like the people who get tattooed with Chinese symbols which they don't understand - they can end up giving exactly the opposite message to the one they expected, and this often based purely on ignorance.

If I got a tattoo, it'd be wings - see my recent post on