Wednesday, August 03, 2005

simultaneous blogging?

I've now got myself a Livejournal account, mainly because loads of my friends are on there and I want to be able to comment on their blogs. I used the name Vogelbeere because 'nemeton' and 'yewtree' had already been used by other people (yewtree hasn't even updated theirs - harrumph). I apologise to any future German-speaking would-be LJ users who are really into rowan trees... (Vogelbeere is German for 'rowan tree' - the German for 'yew' is die Eibe, and I thought Vogelbeere sounded nicer, and rowan trees are one of my favourite trees too.)

Now I want to be able to simultaneously update both blogs, so I investigated various desktop blogging clients and have downloaded and installed w.bloggar, which is free and has a nice interface.

I've now configured w.bloggar to edit my LJ as well (I had to use Internet Explorer proxy server settings), but I still can't do simultaneous blogging - it has a separate interface for each blog, and when you use the 'Last post' tool, it pulls out the previous post from the blog you are logged into, and not the last post that you made with w.bloggar.

I suppose the only option is to copy and paste my posts within w.bloggar - but it's probably no quicker than copying and pasting from one Firefox tab to another.

So near and yet so far....


Pip said...

You should be able to use w.bloggar's "post to many blogs" in the "tools" menu to post to both at once, but if you want to change a post, you'll still need to edit them both separately.

Yvonne said...

I tried that 'post to many blogs' option, but it appears only to work if you have the multiple blogs on the same site, i.e. all of them on Blogger or all of them on LJ.