Tuesday, August 23, 2005

email from Israel

Email from a friend in Israel in response to the question, "Are you OK?"
Thanks for asking, I really appreciate it :)

I am OK, it wasn't where we are but it was/is pretty upsetting. Loads of people didn't have anywhere to go to after being evacuated because their new caravans weren't ready. Some couldn't be rehomed as a community so are camping out together in front of the kotel.
Most people couldn't believe it would really happen and were waiting for a miracle which didn't happen, plus the pressure not to bail out on their community and leave early or leave the land, graves and synagogues. Those in these categories lost half their compensation for staying until the end.

Seeing the soldiers crying as they did the evacuations, and the evacuees and the soldiers hugging each other was also pretty heartbreaking.

Everyone is very down about it and last week people all over Israel were walking round crying. It is really a big mess, you cannot evacuate 8000 people at 1 year's notice. Plus something like 80% of our fresh produce came from that area which was exported all over the wolrd, so there is a) a shortage of vegetables, b) a big effect on the economy.



darkjewelz said...


Just noticed that a certain vogelbeere had added me, then noticed that the blog was in German...I thought it was Haagen at first until I realised it was you by following the link to English Blog! I shant add you to the list as I can't read German, but I will look at your English blog instead!

I read the Israeli piece with interest. It seemed a good move to get them out of there to me, but it's good to hear their side of the story too. I visited some people in caravans on a settlement in Israel once. It was amazing, right in the desert.

How was the party?

See you soon,

X Julie.

Yvonne said...

Well you suggested I use Livejournal as a sort of front end for my Blogger blog, then I thought, why not write my LJ in German? Seems I managed to confuse you totally...

About Israel - I just think it's a shame that both sides cannot live in peace. Too much bloodshed on both sides by now, though, I suppose.