Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the middle way

The Ballad of Thomas the Rhymer:

"O see ye not yon narrow road,
So thick beset with thorns and briars?
That is the path of righteousness,
Though after it but few enquires."

"And see ye not that broad, broad road
That lies across the lily leven?
That is the path of wickedness,
Though some call it the road to heaven."

"And see ye not that bonnie road,
That winds about the fernie brae?
That is the road to fair Elfland,
Where thou and I this night maun gae."

On Sunday we went to St Fagans and they had a poster with the two roads (the path of righteousness and the path of wickedness) in one of the cottages. The custodian said that an elderly gentleman who works there often asks people which road they are on. I said I was on the bonnie road to fair Elfland.

I expect they let dogs into Elfland too.

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