Monday, August 22, 2005

not much improvement

Palestinians on Gaza pullout

It looks as though the situation has become too polarised for there to be a chance of peace.


Anonymous said...

You are probably right. We all want peace, but how can we (Israelis) take away checkpoints when the result is free movement of suicide bombers? How can we give away land. Look at how little there is to give, and how big the other Arab countries are.

Recent DNA evidence shows that Jews - even those that look on the surface European, are clearly Middle Eastern in origin and come from common ancestors.
The BBC timeline is good but it does miss out about 1500 years during which there was a continual, if small, Jewish presence in Israel. Most notably in Aza (known now as Gaza), Hebron (those massacred in 1929 were not recent immigrnmts)and Tzfat.
The whole situation is a big mess, a catalogue of mistakes and there is so much mistrust on both sides peace seems impossible.

Yvonne said...


Yes, that's a good point that the timeline misses out the small Jewish presence in Israel during those 1500 years. Also it didn't seem to mention the reasons for the Diaspora.

I think the problem was mainly the establishment of a Zionist state, which left no room for compromise with the Palestinians.

Can you define what you mean by "Arab"?