Tuesday, September 25, 2007

sad news

Ruth Bagnall
I just found out that Ruth Bagnall, with whom I worked at the Cambridge Blue pub, died in 2004. That is really upsetting. She was only 38. I found out via a mutual friend on Facebook.

I remember one night in 1993 or '94, we performed a rousing rendition of Tom Lehrer's Poisoning Pigeons in the Park as we were working behind the bar. She was also the person who introduced me to Queer Theory, as she was in a study group relating to it at the time I knew her. We always used to call her Roof, because she was very tall. She was friendly, witty, and passionate about politics. I wish I had known her better (and that I had kept in touch after I moved to Scotland in '94), and now it is too late.

Apparently there's a memorial tree for her. I just broke off typing this and had to rush outside for a cry at that point - I'm gutted about this.

Don't lose touch with your friends - this sort of thing happens rather a lot.


Joe said...

Sadly true - one of my dearest friends (since right back to school before our voices broke) lost touch with someone who used to be a good friend since they now lived on opposite sides of the country. Occasional phone message or Xmas card but he kept meaning to actually organise a meet-up only to find out his friend had just died in a climbing accident. Too easy to drift out of contact and think we have all the time in the world.

Have a big hug, gal x

Yvonne said...

Thanks Joe. x

Steve Hayes said...

Yes, I had a similar expereince -- tried to get in touch with an old friend, and found she'd died a couple of years before. A few months ago I also also blogged about her