Saturday, August 19, 2006


Just been to Amanda and Sandra's wedding, it was lovely. It was the first civil partnership ceremony we had been to, and we were thrilled to be invited. The tears started welling up at the beginning of the vows, and then when Amanda started, I really got going. I never cry at straight weddings, but I find same-sex ones very moving (mostly because it wasn't allowed till recently) - even the ones where I just saw some photos on the web brought tears to my eyes. The ceremony was very nice (it was the first one that the celebrant had done apparently) and the reception was lovely - the pub where they had it, the Blue Bowl, had really pushed the boat out, and it looked splendid. The food was fab too, and the cake was brilliant; it had a little icing model of Amanda and Sandra on top. Cute! And all the people at the wedding were really nice. Someone managed to get them a "Mrs & Mrs" card, and there was a love-spoon too (well, a wooden spoon with lavender ribbons on it).

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