Friday, August 04, 2006


Was off in Scotland for a week last week, which was very pleasant. Went walking in the Pentland Hills and in the area of Carlops, visited Rosslyn Chapel, and met up with the Silvereel and Joe Gordon. It was fabulous to meet them at last, and we had an excellent chat about literature and all manner of things.

Also met up with various other friends, which was a lot of fun.

I had been to Rosslyn Chapel before (in around 1997 or 1998), but it's always enjoyable, and it was quite fun to compare the reality with the film version. Also explored further around the castle this time.

On the way up to Scotland, we visited Little Moreton Hall, and stayed over in Lancaster, where I caught up with another old friend; Mayburgh Henge and King Arthur's Round Table. On the way back, we visited Brough Castle and Boscobel. I had always wanted to visit Boscobel, and I wasn't disappointed. It was very moving to see the priest hole where Charles II hid for 9 hours, and the site of the famous oak tree. I am not a royalist in general, but I am a Jacobite.

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