Friday, January 06, 2006

save the badgers

On 15th December 2005 the British Government announced a twelve-week 'Public Consultation period' to consider whether and how to kill all
badgers. They believe that this is the only way to eradicate TB in cattle.

They are absolutely wrong.

Killing badgers does not decrease TB amongst cattle. In fact there is scientific evidence which shows the exact opposite. Far from lowering the incidence of bovine TB, badger culls in the past have even been shown to increase it.

Leading organisations including the RSPCA and Wildlife Trusts have already voiced their opposition, but only a massive public response can prevent the killing.

Just a few moments of your time can make a difference. Please visit for more information, and to make your voice heard by emailing or writing to DEFRA.


John said...

Even if killing badgers does lessen the incidence of TB in cattle, does that give us the right to kill them? I don't think it does. It seems an extraordinary assumption to make. If it's discovered that rabbits give pigs a fever, are we going eradicate rabbits? If it transpired that hedgehogs make hens less productive, is that then the end of hedgehogs? It's a truly bizarre way of thinking - based on the murky grounds of politics and economics.

Yvonne said...

I completely agree, I don't think it does give us the right to kill them at all.

Hope you sent an email to DEFRA!

John said...

I/we did, indeed.