Saturday, November 11, 2006

pavement poems...

I was just looking for my favourite Ginsberg poem (A strange new cottage in Berkeley) on the web, when I found that it is engraved on a pavement somewhere in Berkeley, along with poems by other poets associated with Berkeley (including, I am glad to say, the Ohlone, the local Native Americans). Here's another article about it, and a photo of the panels in situ. This reminded me of Joe's post the other day with evocative photos of Glasgow and Edinburgh, including one of a poem written on the pavement. As he says, it is "these tiny presents that suddenly make life magical". I also used to enjoy the poems on the London Underground (in the slots normally reserved for adverts); it's a pity they stopped doing those, though someone kindly bought me the book for Yule one year. Poetry awakens something in us, perhaps because it is the unification of two modes of consciousness, the linguistic and the metaphorical and rhythmic. It is good to encounter poetry in unexpected places. I recall once I was in a subway near Waterloo station when I saw a beautiful piece of poetry being painted on the wall in elegant calligraphic letters - I noted down the name of the author, but never got round to following it up, and now I can't remember who it's by. Is it still there? Has anyone seen it?

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Anonymous said...

Just came across your question by chance, searching for something else! The poem is Euridice, by Sue Hubbard. You can read it here:

I too found it very beautiful.