Monday, November 20, 2006

geek heaven

Babylon 5Babylon 5: The Lost Tales
It will be a direct to dvd collection of 20 minutes stories set in the b5 universe that will feature the prominent characters.
These stories will expand on the characters that were previously established. The only character he mentioned would not be covered would be G'Kar since he believes no one should ever voice G'Kar except for Andreas Katsulas, who passed away earlier this year.
Apparently there will also be a new TV series:
JMS speaks: Little mini-movies or an anthology show set in the Babylon 5 universe. I pick a character and develop an hour-long story around that character. Stories that I wanted to tell during the B5 series but never had the chance to develop. They said, Okay. I said I wanted complete creative control. Do not change my words that I write, and I want that in writing. They said, Okay. And I want to direct. They said, Okay.
Great Maker! More B5! I never thought this would happen. And JMS to be given full creative control. Marvellous. One of the reasons B% was so brilliant, apart from the writing, was the way it subverted ideas of TV sci-fi as a military affair, foregrounded religion and culture, and generally championed diversity as a good thing.


moonie said...

It's only due to Delenn's presence that I began watching Lost (OK, I know it's not really Delenn, but for lack of the actor's name, it is).

Yvonne said...

Mira Furlan is the name you are looking for. She's cool.