Thursday, June 08, 2006

the g-word

Liberal Democrats : BBC ruling on use of 'gay' extremely concerning - Williams.
Liberal Democrat Higher and Further Education Spokesperson, Stephen Williams MP, has written to BBC Chairman Michael Grade following a ruling from the BBC Governors Complaints Committee that Radio1 DJ Chris Moyles could use the term 'gay' to mean 'rubbish' or 'lame' because it is commonplace amongst young people.
I am worried by this too, as I thought the BBC was supposed to be a leader and not a follower in the matter of ethics, and because it is condoning homophobic language. (And apparently disabled-ist language as well.)

It used to drive me nuts when I was teaching and kids would say stuff like "this computer is gay" - and I can just imagine them saying "But I heard it on Radio 1" if they get told off for saying it. How will teachers be able to stop homophobia in schools if homophobic language is endorsed by the BBC?


Joe said...

This isn't to do with your post actually, but I'm at work and knew I would forget to tell you this later - just listening to some radio via the web while working and on Radio 4's page Melvyn Bragg has a show called In Our Time. Each week is a different topic with experts discussing it - there is one archived on faeries which was fascinating and I thought, must tell Yvonne, she would probably enjoy this.

So rather than forget all about it by the time I get home from work, here it is: Oh and since they do eventually get to the term fairy being applied to homosexuals there is a tenous link to this post now I think of it!

Starfisher said...

I couldn't believe it when I heard about the BBC's ruling either, and I knew you would be furious because I remembered your story about the kids at school. The BBC wouldn't condone the use of recreational drugs just because it's popular with the youth culture of today; this should be no different. You can have your say to the Chris Moyles radio show (for what little good it will do) at this site: