Thursday, September 01, 2005

water has to go somewhere

New Orleans: Nature's revenge?: "It perches under the lip of a vast lake more than twice its size, while to the south and east lies the Gulf of Mexico, one of the world's most fertile hurricane zones."

Could this be yet another symptom of global warming? New Orleans' levees were built to withstand a category three hurricane; Katrina was a category five. Also the wetlands around there that would have absorbed some of the flood waters have been built over (a similar story to what happened in some areas with the tsunami).

The people who have suffered the most are the poor, some of whom actually couldn't leave the city in time. The worst thing is the looting - what kind of person steals from those whose lives have been turned upside down?

It really looks as if the old site of New Orleans should be abandoned - this map shows how vulnerable it is.

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