Friday, September 16, 2005

scary things

Things I really should get my head around...
  • Inner and outer joins in databases
  • Programming (working on this one)
  • PhotoShop
I once went to an interview where I was asked the difference between inner and outer joins in SQL. Er.... dunno. The scariest thing was that the person who asked me this bore an uncanny resemblance to Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen. Don't try to explain it to me (the inner and outer joins, not the uncanny resemblance).

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Kevin Paul Tracy said...

It's Easy:

An inner join is a query that returns all related records from two tables and none of those that are not related.

Master Table: All related records.
Detail Table: All related records.

An outer join is a query the returns all records from your master table (the first one named in the join) regardless of whether they have related records in the detail table (the second one stated in the join), but only returns those records from the detail table that have related records in the master table.

Master Table: All records.
Detail Table: Only related records.

See? Easy!