Wednesday, June 15, 2005

the view out of my window

The leaves outside make it quite dark in here, but I like the way the sunlight shines through them. It makes a kind of green tapestry. On the other side of the carpark, the chestnut trees have leaves with dark green centres and a paler green border around the edge. I've not noticed this on other chestnut trees, so I wonder if these are a special kind. It's like variegation but too regular. There is something very restful about looking out onto greenery, it must be because green is in the centre of the spectrum, but it's also the irregularity of the patterns of leaves and twigs, and the way it all moves in the wind. It's just a shame there's a security grille on the window. At least I don't have a view of a brick wall out of the window, like one guy I know (who got a job that I applied for, so that could have been the view out of my window).

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