Monday, June 13, 2005

no to ID cards

I just received this email from OWOS and agree completely. I've been wondering when someone was going to start a full-on campaign. Obviously Liberty and the Liberal Democrats have had information on their websites about this for a while, but there was no grass-roots campaigning going on as far as I could tell. It's ridiculous that we will have to pay to be oppressed - I thought the initial amount mentioned was £85, but it's even worse if it's £300. Those on low incomes won't be able to afford it anyway, especially asylum seekers - who are the main excuse for introducing this measure! Though I think that all the reasons given for introducing ID cards are completely spurious and morally wrong anyway. It's even worse that the government are proposing to share information with the USA. If they introduce this measure I for one am going to go and stand outside No 10 Downing Street and set fire to a fake ID card. I would do it with a real one but I haven't got £300 to burn! Ooh this makes me really angry. I am quite prepared to identify myself when I need to access a resource or prove that I have a right to do something specific, but I shouldn't have to have ID merely to prove that I have right to exist in the country where I was born. It is a moral outrage.

Fight ID cards and declare the UK an ID Card-Free Zone

Our World Our Say are launching a campaign to have the UK declare itself an ID Card-free zone. The cards, which will cost anywhere upwards of £100 up to £300 each, with penalties of £2,500 for failing to carry one; not having up to date information, or even that the card is not working. Everyone over 16 will be fingerprinted and must provide the government with any information they require on demand. Alarmingly, the US administration has asked the UK to ensure that the national identity database is compatible with US systems so information can be shared.

Tony Blair's Labour government have shown how little they care for our opinions - or our rights. They have already thrown out the centuries old right to a trial before detention - now we must do everything we can to stop these further breaches of our rights and privacy.

In the next few weeks we will be contacting you again to let you know how to declare your home, your neighbourhood and your country an ID Card-free zone - and increase the pressure on the politicians to vote against ID cards.

OWOS ACTION: Contact your MP - - and tell him or her why they must vote against ID cards.

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