Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

The original recipe from
  • Take the juice from one bottle of that Ol' Janx Spirit.
  • Pour into it one measure of water from the seas of Santraginus V.
  • Allow three cubes of Arcturan Mega-gin to melt into the mixture (it must be properly iced or the benzine is lost).
  • Allow four litres of Fallian marsh gas to bubble through it (in memory of all those happy Hikers who have died of pleasure in the Marshes of Fallia).
  • Over the back of a silver spoon float a measure of Qualactin Hypermint extract, redolent of all the heady odours of the dark Qualactin Zones; subtle sweet and mystic.
  • Drop in the tooth of an Algolian Suntiger. Watch it dissolve, spreading the fires of the Algolian Suns deep into the heart of the drink.
  • Sprinkle Zamphour.
  • Add an olive.
  • Drink... but... very carefully.
OK, here's my PGGB recipe:
  • Take one measure of vodka (Ol' Janx Spirit)
  • pour into it one measure of Blue Curaçao (Santraginus V water)
  • Add three measures of gin (Arcturan mega-Gin)
  • and four of ginger beer (Fallian marsh gas).
  • Add a silver teaspoonful of creme de menthe, (Qualactin hypermint extract)
  • then a drop of Grenadine or Angostura bitters (tooth of Algolian sun-tiger).
  • Sprinkle cinnamon (Zamphour)
  • add an olive.

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