Thursday, May 19, 2005

Farhat Khan update

It looks as though Farhat Khan is still in the UK, but there is hardly any news on the web and many of the sites supporting her have not been updated. The only recent page I could find was about a rally in Manchester - - which she attended.

I first heard about it on Radio 4 news - I wish they would follow stories through to completion, it's so frustrating hearing about something and then not knowing the outcome. I suppose journalists think that people don't care about the outcome of a story, and it was only newsworthy because of the irony that the Queen was inviting her to Buckingham Palace at the same time that the Home Office were trying to deport her.

And that's another thing, it annoys me when they refer to events on the news as a "story" - it makes it sound not real somehow, as if it was just something being staged for the entertainment of the public.

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