Friday, May 27, 2005

hitch-hiker's guide to... Earth

Duncan Campbell on why we should revive hitching
  • it's environmentally friendly
  • there's an element of randomness
  • you meet different people
I agree, hitching is brilliant. Before I had a car, I didn't generally hitch on my own (not safe) but I pick up hitchers if they are couples or if they look non-threatening. When I was at the University of Lancaster, they used to have hitching posts - a bus-stop on campus and a lamp-post in town where the hitchers would queue up and the drivers would pick them up. It was brilliant, I hardly ever had to catch the bus onto campus. Last year I picked up a student hitcher on the way into work, and I often pick up colleagues on my way up the hill, but you don't see many people hitching now. I think it's the fear of being assaulted. Shame really, it certainly was a cheap and eco-friendly wayof getting around. Also, you meet some really interesting people. I picked up an actor travelling down the M5 into London once, and he learnt about Wicca, and I learnt about acting in soaps. Last year on the way down to Cornwall we picked up a woman going to visit her mum who was living on a caravan on a farm. They were into the festival scene and stuff.

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