Friday, July 18, 2008

some art that I appreciate


The Silver Eel said...

Given that Byatt, Le Guin, Winterson, Duncker and Murdoch are, if not coterminous, then at least within hailing distance of one another, I'm a little surprised not to see Margaret Atwood on the list. Any reason?

The only Duncker I've read was an essay on borders, a visit to Germany and The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (it did all hang together) but I thought it was very good.

As you probably know, AS Byatt went to a Quaker school, The Mount in York. On the night she won the Booker, a portrait of her long-dead headmistress fell off the wall. The two of them had a mutual loathing.

Bo said...

We might actually be the same person. Wierd!!

Yvonne said...

@ Silver Eel: I thought the Handmaid's Tale was OK but I think the rest of her stuff is pretentious tosh, I'm afraid.

I didn't know that story about AS Byatt, how marvellous.

@ Bo: I know, it's spooky, isn't it?

Bo said...

It really is. I don't wholly agree with some of these - as I'm sure you wouldn't with an equivalent list from me - but the overlap is remarkable!