Friday, July 04, 2008

care of your geek

There are numerous guides available to living with a geek; there's even a book.
Most of these guides are written as if the geek in question is male; however there is some awareness of female geeks, particularly in the book.

If you think you may be a geek, there's a diagnostic tool available from just say hi, and a more comprehensive one available from innergeek (but slightly biased towards a US audience). My latest geek score from innergeek is 37.08087% (major geek); JustSayHi rates me as 72% geeky.

Because we all know that the geek shall inherit the earth.


Steve Hayes said...

My score on innergeek was 16.56805% Geek.

But there was no question about biting the head off a live chicken, which is the defining characteristic of a geek! (I haven't done it, BTW)

Yvonne said...

It was the defining characteristic of a geek until about 1930. Have you been reading the novels of Robertson Davies by any chnace?

Steve Hayes said...

I read a lot of them about 15 years ago -- the Canadian Alan Paton.

genexs said...

I rate as a "major geep", phew! Heh!