Wednesday, May 07, 2008

meet Yseult...

Hahahahaha! Just tried out the hilarious new Pagan name generator (don't worry, this is an example of Pagan self-mockery, it's not serious).

Its suggestions so far:

Gender-neutral: Wolfe Nightshade Artemis
Female: Yseult Autumn Amber
Male: Ossian Midnight Bear

Clearly I need a pretentious moniker like one of these. That's where I've been going wrong all these years, using my real name.


Kathz said...

I'm Nareau Pendragon Dove

Steve Hayes said...

My wife has a relative called Isolda Moon, and as far as I know she isn't a pagan. Though she was born in Malaya, her ancestry was Australian, and her grandmother's maiden name was Bridges. For a while I wondered whether she was the author of a book called "The night Charlie Bravo died" by Yseult Bridges, but it turned out that she wasn't.