Thursday, May 01, 2008

being human

Hurrah! The BBC has commissioned a series of Being Human. This makes me very chuffed, as it was one of the best things on telly for ages.

It's set in Bristol, with a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost as the main characters. It's like a supernatural version of This Life, and it's got humour, pathos, and laconic laid-back style. It's written by Toby Whithouse (of Torchwood and Dr Who fame) and it's really well written.

It's about what it means to have an identity, to have friends, to have a life - even when you're undead. It's about sitting around in the pub with your mates, except your mates are a little bit stranger than average... Basically the three main characters don't want to be supernatural, they just want to be normal. And the werewolf is Jewish, by the way.

You're gonna love it.

If you haven't already seen the pilot episode (aired as a one-off in March), badger your friends till you find someone who recorded it, and watch it.

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Kathz said...

It's no good - I missed it and hardly watch TV, apart from Doctor Who. But I passed on this recommendation to Beth at Screw Bronze

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