Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Secret

(warning: may cause explosive laughter)

And for those who don't know what The Secret is. You probably will by the end of the video.

I found this very funny indeed, as I am deeply irritated by the utter smugness of the Secret, cosmic ordering and all that. So basically, if bad things happen to you, it's your fault for not attracting good things to you. Yeah, let's kick the dispossessed while they're down.

Spotted by Alison


Anonymous said...

That's absolutely fantastic! I dropped my subscription to Spiritual Cinema Circle when they included The Secret. That was just too much for me!!!

Brainwise said...

Best description of THE SECRET to date.

When I saw the film during a ministry training retreat, I was hardly impressed. The message of THE SECRET was rather degrading to women (and real physicists). And don't get me started on all the commentary by Ramtha's channel. Ugh.