Thursday, February 08, 2007


Yesterday we took the day off and went down to Stogursey to visit some friends who are staying in the castle there (it's a Landmark Trust property). The castle has two resident geese, which our friends had named Hengist and Horsa. Whilst in Stogursey, we visited the church, where there is a 16th-century carving of a spoonbill on one of the pew-ends, and a fossilised ichthyosaur set into the floor. We also went walking in the Quantock hills, where we saw a raven and a buzzard. Whilst walking round Stogursey village, we saw a cat sitting in the former animal pound, and an escaped pet meerkat (its owner was trying to lure it back into its box). I also saw a small brass rhino in someone's window. Quite a menagerie.


cupra said...

Your blog just popped up in my Google News alert for Stogursey - I live on St Andrews Road and saw the Meerkat searchers too!

And to add to the list of animals, our garden plays host to a badger, a pheasant and last week 20 fox hounds!!

Hope you enjoyed the visit!

Yvonne said...

I certainly did enjoy the visit - Stogursey is a lovely place.