Friday, February 02, 2007


candle flames flicker,
a silver circlet of stars -
the rustle of silk

a silent virgin,
gender indeterminate,
tends undying fire.

not yet the coupling
beneath the stars, there's still time
for maiden blushes.

everything waits
for the turning of the world
spinning into sunlight.

the sword is ensheathed
the fire is smoored, slumbering -
healer moves softly.

fire in the belly
the quickening pulse of life
- earth stirs in her sleep

white, blush-red, pale gold,
all the colours of Brighid
waiting for the spring.

milky veils of steam,
the ewes' breath on frosty air -
the glint of gold eyes.

virginal snowdrops
modestly hang down their heads
secretly coy.

the ice melts, dripping
like notes on the harpsichord,
falls into silence.

the sun leans earthwards,
a blush creeps across soft flesh -
a flower opens.

pussy-willow buds
soft, sensual, silvery
open to her caress.

do you remember
the first time? the ecstasy
of buds opening?

A contribution to the second annual Brighid poetry reading in cyberspace.


deborah oak said...

thank you....really lovely and strong.

T. Thorn Coyle said...

Nice poem!

Here's the one I posted on Feb 2:

Starfisher said...

That's lovely, by the way.