Thursday, December 07, 2006


How good is your geography? I scored 48. Hmm, I really should find out where some of the African and South American countries are... er, and which Balkan republic is which.


Joe said...

56 was the best I managed, but in my defence I took a lot of history and not geography, mostly because geography lessons didn't seem to teach where places were but focussed on sheep farming on the Welsh hillsides. Same again, a lot of the African countries stumped me - Egypt and Morocco are pretty easy, most of the rest were guesses.

South American ones I knew roughly, but those pesky ones on the north east corner of the continent I can never remember which one of those little buggers is which. Do I get a bonus for knowing ESA fires a lot of their rockets from that part of the continent?

Not a great score though; mind you I wonder how many folks from Mozambique or Santiago could point out Auchtermuchty on a map? And more importantly how many of them could look at a map of Middle Earth and no which direction for Mordor and which for Gondor, eh?

Yvonne said...

I couldn't point out Auchtermuchty but I could manage Auchterarder, will that do?

I also know which way Gondor is :)