Thursday, October 12, 2006

jihad in space

My MA tutor sent me an interesting article on Beliefnet about Battlestar Galactica and religion. I haven't been watching the new series, but it sounds as if it could be interesting, as I love SF and am fascinated by religion. I might have to wait till it comes out on DVD now, though, as I'd never catch up with the plot if I started watching it now.

Interesting that the author of the original show was a Mormon, and drew heavily on his beliefs for the storylines. What is it with SF and religion? The current writer/director is not a Mormon, but religion is still a prominent theme on the show, and humans are polytheists (hurrah!) One of the benefits of examining religious conflict in the context of SF is that you can give your fictional religions different names from religions that exist now, which reduces the likelihood of offending people - although quite a few people have identified the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica with both fundamentalist Muslims and fundamentalist Christians. To which I have to say, if you're ugly, don't look in the mirror.


moonie said...

I finally allowed myself to be sucked into Battlestar Gallactica last week, and trust me: NO REGRETS! Seasons 1, 2, and 2.5 (whatever that is - haven't done the research yet) are available on DVD.
Awesome stuff, really. I'm hooked, but that should come as no surprise as I also thrive from the SF bug ( I refuse to say "suffer" from it).
But religious fundamentalism in the guise of the Cylons? I'll have to look again. The only clue I have so far is to be saved for another conversation (no spoilers here).

Joe said...

I've really enjoyed the first two seasons; the occassional dud ep, but mostly brilliant. We've got Jeff VanderMeer and his wife hooked now and they've been trying to catch up the first two seasons as the third starts in the US (we get it around Janaury I think).

There is a quite explicit religious element to the show but since it is clearly mirroring some of the politics, beliefs and arguments of contemporary America that's pretty understandable. As it progresses a messianic quality is added to the story on both sides.

Feena said...

I've not seen any episodes of the new version of BSG *chunters that Starbuck should be a man* ;-) but I am a big sci-fi fan. I'm a Doctor Who and Torchwood girl :-D

If I get to watch some I'll see if I get that vibe from them.