Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a day in the life

Today, I got up at 7.00, had a shower, ate Quaker Oats Granola with goats' milk for breakfast, had a cup of black tea with goats' milk (I have candidiasis, so have to avoid cow's milk, among other things) and had a discussion with my husband about interfaith and Pagan spirituality compared with Buddhism (we went to a talk on Buddhism last night). Our two cats came in and had their Science Plan. Harry wanted to be sat with while he ate as usual; he is a rescue cat and very emotional; it took him three years to learn how to purr. Bean went straight to the bed to lie on her favourite blanket.

I drove to work via Beach and Lansdown to avoid the traffic (the scenery is lovely that way, especially now the trees are turning gold). Got into work about quarter to nine. Spent the day working through some of the tasks my boss gave me yesterday; coming up with a unified design for our web applications; emailed the marketing department to see if they'd like to produce a design for our site; looked at ways of producing rounded corners using CSS; and investigated the possibility of creating an XSLT to render RSS feeds nicely. Had a big lunch (veggie burger and chips - burger was some sort of horrid soya protein, won't be eating that again) because I won't be home till nine tonight, as I am attending my MA course at Bath Spa University, on Contemporary Religions and Spiritualities (currently doing a Research Methods module).

I am working on a Pagan theologies wiki, and received permission to put up three more questionnaire responses today. I collected the data two years ago, but it was for a book, so I want to be sure that people are happy with me using it on a website instead.

Left work at 3.30 so as to drive to Bath Spa to register for an Athens account, as I was told (by a security person) that I needed to speak to a librarian; it turned out I just needed a green sheet of instructions, then I coulddo it myself in the computer room. Not best pleased. Still, I am in the computer room now (PCs are quite slow and I couldn't get Firefox) and had a play on Athens, and then checked my Bath Spa webmail and found a link about this History Matters mass blog thing, which is why I am writing this post.

When I get home I will have a chicken korma ready meal that I left in the fridge to defrost.

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