Thursday, March 23, 2006


Some cartoons really are sacrilegious: found_objects: david bowie... COMICS?!

I laughed until I cried.

[Link purloined from Cavalorn.]

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Joe said...

Looks to be from the same folks who did the old Rock'n'Roll comix, where they did really awful potted biographies of singers and bands like KISS etc with really shoddy art. Mind you, KISS and Alice Cooper had their own comics in the 70s and Alice had a great collaboration in the 90s with Neil Gaiman called The Last Temptation, which mostly used the lyrics from the album of the same name for dialogue:

"I can't go to school because I ain't got a gun. I ain't got a gun coz I ain't got a job. I ain't got a job coz I ain't got a car. I can't get a car coz I ain't got a job. I ain't got a job coz I can't go to school... So I'm looking for a girl with a job and a car (and a house, with cable)."

Dark Horse reprinted it a s a hardbak graphic novel last year, althoug for some reason in black and white and not the lovely colour version it was originally - very Faustian tale with Alice as a demonic Showman tempting kids into his Theatre of the Real.

And if you want contemporary I added a graphic novel collection of short stories to the FPI site recently which are all based around Belle & Sebastian songs! Thank smeg no-one has done one on James Blunt yet...