Thursday, March 09, 2006

chakra shopping

While we were at the Chalice Well, I got chatting to one of the other guests, who introduced me to the wonderful concept of "chakra shopping". At last, an excuse for spiritual types to go shopping. The idea is that when one of your chakras is feeling out of whack with the others, you go and buy things that correspond to the colour of that chakra in order to cheer it up. If you're not sure which of your chakras needs nourishing, visit the Chakras - colour symbolism and meditation techniques site (run the mouse over the figure on the left to view the chakra colours).

Also while I was there, I was chatting with someone about pillows being too soft, and she introduced me to the concept of millet pillows; I've just ordered one from the Natural Collection Ethical Shopping site.

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Joe said...

Doggone it, I thought at first you said Chakram shopping. I thought you'd come over all Xena Warrior Princess!