Monday, February 06, 2006

flat web

Users Interleave Sites and Genres (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
When working on business problems, users flitter among sites, alternating visits to different service genres. No single website defines the user experience on its own.

It is exactly this kind of problem that calls for the multilayered relational searching enabled by the Semantic Web (and hence OWL and RDF and stuff). I wish I understood all this Semantic Web stuff better though, it's fearfully complicated.


Anonymous said...

I'd say it's unnecessarily cluttered. It can be done without most of the crap RDF is made of and only academic scholars care about. Have a look at Rich Web blog

Yvonne said...

Unfortunately the project I am working on probably requires RDF - though the point made on the Rich Web blog that it is not human-readable is a good one. Anyway that's an excellent blog, especially the post Fixing the Web.