Friday, December 09, 2005

hostages in Iraq

Guardian: Kidnappers extend deadline for British hostage in Iraq

I think it is awful that these kidnappers are holding and planning to kill a peace protester - someone who went to Iraq to try and promote the cause of freedom for Iraqis. Nothing justifies hostage-taking, it is completely abhorrent. Even if the hostages are not peace protesters.

I think the government is right to say that they will not accede to any hostage-takers' demands, otherwise it would open the door to even more people trying this tactic. But it is awful for the hostages and their families. I really hope the kidnappers listen to the appeals this time.

Another thing, this will seriously undermine the goodwill of many of the people who opposed the war on Iraq. Though of course I realise that the majority of Iraqis are against this sort of thing.

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