Friday, September 19, 2008

Avast there!

Happy Internashnul Talk Loike a Pirate Day!

Avast there me hearties! Prepare to be boarded. I be out on the cyber-seas lookin' fer people to walk the virtual plank. Ye lubbers!

If you be an aspirin' female pirate, you should read Pirates by Celia Rees, which be explainin' all about how young ladies might become pirates, if so be as they wanted to excape from a loife of drudgitude and subjecshun to patriarchy and such-like stuff.

Teh ship's mascot also be gettin' in on the akshun:

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syren said...

Ahoy there! I love it. 'specially the yummy Cap'n Jack Sparra.
A friend of mine, Cherie Pugh has written an historical novel about Mary Read, which I have yet to read (shame on me).