Tuesday, August 12, 2008


According to the quiz at Am I Annoying.com, I am moderately annoying (hurrah! I wouldn't want to be completely bland)

You can also vote there for the annoyingness of celebrities. Alas, Trinny and Susannah (two of the most annoying celebrities on the planet) are not on there. They do have historical figures on there, though; for instance I just voted the Emperor Constantine as annoying for embracing Christianity and making it the state religion of the Roman Empire when it was much better as a rather subversive non-statist little cult. You can also find new people to get annoyed about that you'd never even heard of, like Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Just for balance, I also voted Richard Dawkins annoying. It's a pity it's just a straight choice between annoying, not and don't care, as for some people (like Constantine, and Henry VIII) I'd like to rate them as extra annoying. Humph, Henry VIII isn't on there, but both his daughters and his dad are. I'm annoyed with his brother as well, for dying young and letting Henry VIII get the throne. He caught a chill in Ludlow Castle, or something. I once had the satisfaction of going up to his tomb and telling him that I was annoyed with him for dying early.


Steve Hayes said...

I too was classified as moderately annoying.

You really do have it in for poor old constantine, don't you? As for me, I would classify Christian missiologists who write about "the Constantinian era" as excessively annoying. For my take on him see Notes from underground: St Constantine, Scapegoat of the West

Steve Hayes said...


How do you get that "Blogs I read" thingy?

I have a blogroll that does show which ones have new posts, but it doesn't show the title of the latest post like yours does.

Yvonne said...

Interesting, good article. Well I don't like Athanasius either, as the author of the Athanasian creed. I also dislike the Crusaders, imperialist/colonialist missionaries, sectarian exclusivists, and St Augustine.

You omit to mention that Constantine only fully converted to Christianity on his deathbed, as before that he was also honouring Mithras.