Tuesday, January 08, 2008

peace one day...

Happy New Year, and here is a message of peace from Lolcats:

U not no wot iz a lolcat? Check ur wikipedia.

On a more serious note, there's a comprehensive list of peace websites over at the Guardian.

Peace goes hand-in-hand with sustainability and social justice. The three issues are intertwined and if one fails, the other two don't stand much of a chance.

i can has Al Gore?


kathz said...

You may be interested in a recent post at Areopagitica http://freecommonwealth.blogspot.com/2008/01/old-lie.html
and an earlier post
from June last year. These seem relevant while the MOD denies that it targets children under 16. (For the record, the Army website (armyjobs has a section for 12-15 year olds and the rafcareers site has downloadable games etc for children aged 8 and up.

Good to see you posting on peacce matters.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the links. I looked for the new Quaker website on peace that's campaigning against the Army careers website, but couldn't find it.

I had a whole blog devoted to peace back in 2002-2003, and it's something I still care about. I joined the PPU in November. It's also one of the many things I admire about Quakers.

kathz said...

I linked to the new website at the end of thks piece http://beestonquakers.blogspot.com/ and there's a link to the petition too. The new website isn't just anti-army - it's an attempt to present the pros and cons in a more balanced way.

I'm still appalled at the way in which young children are targeted by the army, and that the army denies it, but I haven't had time for a proper piece at my home blog yet.