Thursday, November 15, 2007

Colours of Paganism

I have a guest post up at The Colours of Paganism. It's part of a series on the colours of religion - the symbolism, mythology, and festivals and the colours that go with them.

The photos came from the CreativeCommons licensed photos on flickr.

I think this is my favourite, the one I chose for Beltane:
Maypole Beltane
by yksin


J.K. Bowman said...

Very nice piece... Thanks

david said...

Just for you yvonne, I'm providing this link. Its a web page that's meant to allow you to try out color schemes on maps, but works really nicely for other purposes.

Ok, I'm amused by simple things.

david said...

the link got cut off by blogger (so talented) here is the link in pieces