Monday, October 15, 2007

still 100% Pagan

I hereby certify myself still 100% Pagan, or should that be NeoPagan?

Either way, I enjoy Taoism, love of nature, animism, non-theism, pantheism, compassion for all life, communing with the Universe, and seeking to balance myself with the Way of Nature (variously known as the Tao, Yin and Yang, Fire and Frost, Wyrd, etc). I affirm that we are all related (mitakuye oyasin). There was no fall, only an arising. The Universe is the Beloved.

Having re-lived the entire religious history of Europe in the past two months, I don't recommend it! From Pagan Polytheist to Orthodox Christian (missed out Catholicism, but waved to St Francis as I rushed past him) to a vague protestant feeling, to Unitarian, to non-theist, humanist, romantic animist NeoPagan. But I'm very glad to have found the Unitarians, where being a non-theist Pagan makes perfect sense, given their humanist and universalist tendencies and interest in wisdom from other traditions. Anyway, being a non-theist is excellent, I heartily recommend it. As Terry Pratchett so wisely said, witches don't believe in the gods, it would be like believing in the postman.


laura said...

I like the idea that believing in the gods for a witch is like believing in the postman!

I think I've made much of the same journey you have although I haven't gone the pagan route as of yet although I definitely have a lot of neo-pagan leanings.

I don't know how to define myself at all anymore and don't even try. I used to think of myself as a liberal Christian and I think we are going to join a liberal Christian Church (the UU Church doesn't work for my husband at all and he's given it a nice long trial), but the label Christian doesn't work for me because it comes with so much baggage.

I definitely have a mystical bent, however and maybe associate a little more closely with panentheism than pantheism. But then maybe the two are one and the same at some level anyway.

I'm glad you have found a church that works for you. We've ended up back in Methodism - but it's definitely Methodism with a twist.

Yvonne said...

Hi Laura

I wish you well on your path, wherever it leads.

Methodism is turning out interesting, from what I can gather. It's becoming very liberal.