Friday, February 03, 2006


I don't get this puritanical thing about not depicting deities with their assets on display. Pagans have never had a problem with it...

The Cerne Abbas Giant - a depiction of a Pagan god with a big willy. Hurrah for fertility.

Bes - an Egyptian ithyphallic god.

A statue of a Greek god, probably Pan (is that pose physically possible?)

Eye-watering depiction of Mercury from Pompeii

An ithyphallic image of Shiva from Nepal


The Silver Eel said...

Excellent post.

One can only advise M. Bendtsen not to look at the offending pictures, or buy the offensive flip-flops. (Has he ever seen some of the Christian kitsch that comes out of Latin America? Flip-flops nuttin'.)

Yewtree said...

More knobs! Phallic bibelots and Phallic worship.